AtumRa is a Action Adventure and Puzzle Game set in the near future in the ‘Real World’ and several other plains of existence.

The game starts in Cairo where an orphan from the hard streets of Cairo sets out on a quest to rescue her brothers from a mysterious cult of abductors.

The player begins as Akira but soon can take control of other characters in the game, the first being the Guardian of the first gate of the Egyptian underworld Sia.

Using the two characters and several more as the game continues the player progresses through all diverse and varied environments, solving complex puzzles in their pursuit of Akira’s Brother and the cultists,

As they progress through the game they find out more of what is really going on, including the fact that the very fabric of reality is at risk!!

The aim of the game is to rescue the abducted brother but also eventually find out what is going on and successfully foil an interdimensional group of beings from merging several realities.

The player must progress through a series of levels by multiple routes, solving puzzles and overcoming several challenges.

There are several side quests to unlock access to special items both useful and collectable.

The player will gradually assemble a small arm of characters with an armoury of occult and special items, gaining the power and knowledge to finally win the game as the world literally falls apart around them,

The game can be played in a combination of first person and third person, both being needed for solving some challenges.

Standard WASD movement controls are augmented by Jump, Slide, Crouching, Sneaking and various other special manoeuvres to progress through some of the levels.

The player progressively collects additional characters (bodies) and assembles an inventory of them to switch between.

In addition each of the Souls of the characters can be swapped into other bodies and as the souls themselves have skills and abilities it is possible and necessary to solve many puzzles and challenges by moving the correct soul to the location the body is.

As well as the Soul and Body inventories, each body has its own inventory of tools and devices, mundane, occult and near future that can be used to assist the player.

Game Details

Game NameAtumRa – As Above So Below
GenreAction Adventure and Puzzle/Mystery Game
Game PerspectiveThird and First Person.
Number of PlayersOne (Multiple Players Possible in Later Version)
Game SettingThe real world in the near future and several other plains of existence starting with the Egyptian underworld
Game SummaryThe player takes control of various characters, starting with Akira a street rat and orphan from Cairo leading up to veritable army of different people and entities.
Initially on a rescue mission Akira soon realises that there is something much bigger going on and her soul must cross worlds and dimensions, overcome challenges, solve puzzles and gather resources to prevent the fabric of reality unwinding as the dimensions and plains start to collide.
Game Objectives1. To rescue Akira’s abducted brother Baku.
2. To find out what is going on and what the real threat is.
3. To progress through the 12 gates of the Egyptian underworld to a final confrontation
4. To increase power and inventory of souls, characters and items.
5. To solve puzzles and challenges to progress.
Look and FeelHigh resolution photo realistic graphics and realism.
Other Graphical AspectsSpecial effects and cut sequences to progress plot
Sound AspectsSeveral thematic music sound tracks
Heartbeat and other incidental music building suspense.
Sound effects at various levels: –
1. Mundane sounds such as footsteps, doors, stone mechanisms
3. Magical sounds and sound effects, otherworldly
3. Environmental music and ambient tracks
Target PlatformsPC, Xbox, PS5
Human Interface ControlsKeyboard, Mouse, Game Controller
Target Age Range12+
Development TechnologiesUnreal Engine Five
Advanced Development RequirementsAdvanced control of multiple characters
Puzzle randomiser and multiple plot routes, destructive environments
Secondary DeliverablesPuzzle designer
Additional content DLCs

Some Key Features

Multiple plains of existence that are synchronised requiring synchronistic puzzle solving at several locations.
An inventory of characters and souls including humans, gods, mages, demons and other stranger entities.
Complex and challenging puzzles involving all types, sequential, mathematical, code breaking, physical etc..
Side quests and collectables to build an inventory of great occult and technical achievements and items.
Atmospheric environments where light must be managed and sounds listened to as part of the challenges.
Multiple paths and plots, a puzzle randomiser to make it very hard to create solution walkthroughs.

Main Game Mechanics

1. W: Forward, A: Left, S: Back, D: Right. E: Interact/pick up, Space Bar: Jump, Ctrl: Crouch, Shift: Sprint, Lift Click: Attack, Mouse Track: Look Around.
2. Walking/Sprinting: Normal speed walking and Sprinting, allows the player to dodge into cover and jump further.
3. Advanced inventory system, multiple characters with multiple inventories in different plains.
4. Objects that can be moved and carried for physical puzzles, destructible and distortable environment.
5. Range of advanced inherent and activated skills such as athletics and lockpicking, strength and insight.
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