Diesel Punk London 1949 is Action Role Playing Game set in an alternate dystopian future of London.

The fully immersive and beautifully created alternative version of London the game is set in calls heavily on the diesel punk style mixed with a heavy dose of HP Lovecraft dystopian horror.

The player wakes up, without memory on a slab in a lab and is thrown into a roller coaster of discovery involving a diverse range of interesting characters and imaginatively rendered familiar but strangely alien locations. 

A series of challenging and interesting quests and missions serve both to cast enlightenment on the players history and the deep and interesting story of this city and to power up the player for challenges they will have to face to restore their rightful place in manor.

The aim of the game to discover and uncover the history of the player and their place in this dystopian world.

Challenging the nefarious ‘Angel’ organisation, the upper-class Gentry or just the local gangs, will you be the one to clean up the streets and bring in a new age of justice, or plunge London into a deeper state of criminal cult supremacy?

The main quest line of London is full of stories and alternative ways to progress, some heart-warming, some morally challenging, and others so dark you simply wouldn’t ‘Adam and Eve’ it.

So try and avoid ended up Brown Bread and maybe, just maybe with a bit of luck you’ll learn what makes this dystopian future tick.

Play is from a first-person perspective where the player controls his character and explores and interacts with various environments, objects, characters, and creatures.

The world follows a reasonably open multi path process with each area being centred on a hub and some key quests unlocking other hubs and quest lines.

There are set of standard RPG skills to determine power progression and characteristics as well as three key stats of health, stamina and sanity that determine encounter parameters.

A range of inventory items, including weapons, apparel and devices (both technical and occult) enhance the players power and ability as the game progresses.

Game Details

Game NameDiesel Punk London 1949
GenreAction RPG
Game Perspective 3D Third Person
Number of PlayersOne
Game SettingAn alternate dystopian future of London.

The game is set and based off Fallout: London and incorporates elements from both Dieselpunk and H. P. Lovecraft occult themes. There are several locations including factories, warehouses, train stations and famous landmarks, all set to a Diesel themed Victorian London.
Game SummaryThe Player must advance through a series of ‘Hub’ worlds to follow the path of the antagonist, much akin to the story of Fallout: London.

The player starts in a laboratory and follow the footsteps of a mysterious organisation, they will discover who they are, and who the leader of ‘Angel’ – the antagonist organisation, is, and then defeat them.

The characters they meet along the way will help the player in their goal and provide
bonuses in order to complete the game.
Game ObjectivesComplete the Game and specifically complete one of the end quests for the faction(s) you become aligned with
Look and Feel3D photo realistic, with dystopian, decay/damaged scenes of alternative London areas and key monuments.
Other Graphical AspectsHuman face animation metahumans or similar
Sound AspectsMusic Soundtrack
Environmental Game Soundtrack
Incidental sound effects
Incidental music
Voice actors
Target PlatformsPC, Xbox, PS5
Human Interface ControlsKeyboard and Mouse, Game Controller.
Target Age Range18+
Development TechnologiesUnreal Engine Five
Advanced Development RequirementsNone anticipated
Secondary DeliverablesDLCs of different areas of London, surrounding area and the UK generally, based on a new hub and associated areas and quests.

Some Key Features

An imaginative and immersive linear adventure game where the player must follow through a series rich and intriguing mission until completion.
Inspired by the Fallout 4 London project and many of the characters, locations and storylines that were developed for this project.
An advanced character interaction system including having assisting characters to help with quests or send off on their own missions.
Set in an alternative London both familiar and yet interesting alien, a through the looking glass version that will excite and intrigue.
A deep and rich storyline steeped in the culture of London and the British Isles if somewhat warped by the imagination of our creative team.

Main Game Mechanics

1. W: Forward, A: Left, S: Back, D: Right. E: Interact/pick up, Space Bar: Jump, Ctrl: Crouch, Shift: Sprint, Lift Click: Attack, Mouse Track: Look Around.
2. Interacting with characters using an chat and response interface.
3. Walking/Sprinting: Normal speed walking and Sprinting, allows the player to dodge into cover.
4. Inventory: There will be a basic inventory management system
5. Jumping/Falling: This will allow the player to get to high places however will be bound into a playable area. Player falling may take damage.
6. Investigate: Potentially redundant alongside ‘Use Item’ but allows a
bigger detective approach to using an item.
7. Use Item: The player will be able to use items to advance the quest.
8. FPS Attacking: The player will be able to attack the enemies that they find in the world as you’d expect in any FPS game.
9. Collecting: The player will be able to gather collectibles and store them.
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