Germ Crazy New Strain involves total war between the body and Pathogens hell bent on its destruction

(or maybe something else).

The player takes the role of a doctor or a mysterious intelligent pathogenic force and participates in an age old war of evolution, technology and raw combat in a large variety of different patients that act as the territory to be conquered.

Dependant on the player’s choices the game has both external (Hospital and Medical) resource and internal (Body energy, hormone and agent) resource management.

The Game also has a large array of strategic and tactical options, including designing armies and squads to enact specific functions, defining and deploying fortification options (or using the standard templates) and investing in medical and biological progression.

Whether you fancy yourself as the next killer virus or the heroic doctor that will save the day this game is packed full of content and challenge for the serious Real Time Strategy/Simulation addict!

The aim of the game various dependant on play mode and the role the player takes.

Game Mode : Tactical Challenge

Doctor/Pathogen: To win the tactical challenge in an individual body area or group of areas, that could involve a full scale death match, holding key resource points or defeating a specific set of fortifications in the original game, a DLC or created by another player and downloaded from the community web site

Game Mode : Single Organism Battle

Doctor to cure the single patient, human, animal and even Alien. Pathogen to kill or take control of that patient and turn it into a mindless tool of the Pathogen. Downloadable bodies designed by the community is also an option.

Game Mode : Full Game

Doctor to become an international consultant utilising the most advance medical and biological tools and defeat the Pathogen. Pathogen to either kill or change every other organism into a vector for the spread and ultimate dominance or the pathogen.

Play is real time and continuous with the ability to control update speed and pause the game as well as saving the game automatically or manually.

The player must respond to and make decisions in regards to a wide range of notifications and updates, both in real time and by selecting or designing automatic responses to events, effectively putting them in the ‘role’ as a general or field marshal at the top level. In the full game managing multiple patients and resources as well as setting in motion research projects and earning cash to but advanced medical technology.

The player can, as required, ‘zoom in’ to control the actions of squads of agents as a ‘field commander’ in an individual part of the body, brain, heart, liver, with unique challenges and features.

Finally the player can get up close and personnel, directing high value individual agents with specialist capabilities personally as a ‘soldier’ on the battlefield, engaging on their own fantastic journey and fighting mono on mono with some of the scariest pathogens and nanotech we can conceive.

Game Details

Game NameGerm Crazy – The New Strain
GenreReal-time strategy/Real-time tactics
Game Perspective3D Top Down, Third and First Person.
Number of PlayersOne Or Multiple
Game SettingThe Human and other
bodies and a Hospital top level.
Game SummaryThe player, via the simulation of the human body, enters a battlefield between a variety of pathogens and the immune system agents, augmented by various medical technologies. It all creates a challenging syfy warfare game and combines the elements of a classic tower defence, resource-based strategy and a completely new game universe where many existing immunological and biological mechanisms are presented as battle elements against the pathogens.
Game ObjectivesAs the Doctor: –
1. To keep alive and ultimately heal a variety of patients.
2. To advance the doctors capability and unlock new treatments and features.
3. To ultimately cure and eliminate the pathogens
As the pathogen: –
1. To infect and kill as many patients as possible.
2. To advance in capability and power.
3. To ultimately wipe out or enslave all patients and other life forms.
Look and FeelMedium poly semi-cartoon graphics and info graphics
Other Graphical AspectsMore realistic graphics at battlefield arenas, video sequences, consistent call out graphics.
Meta-humans at hospital level.
Sound AspectsMusic Sound track
Heartbeat and other incidental music building suspense.
Sound effects at various levels: –
1. Hospital background noises (chatter, ping machines).
2. Body screen heartbeat and biological noise.. alert noises and mini sound tracks.
3. Battleground specific background environmental music (breathing in lungs) and sound effects specific to agents and events.
Target PlatformsPC, Xbox, PS5, IOS and Android.
Human Interface ControlsKeyboard, Mouse, Game Controller, touch screen.
Target Age Range8+
Development TechnologiesUnreal Engine Five
WEB Technologies
Advanced Development RequirementsDynamics Intelligence language
Real Time Mass environment updates, online and offline (Multiple patients).
Secondary DeliverablesBody and Level Designer
Agent Designer
Intelligence Script Designer
Other Bodies DLCs
Hospital Extension DLCs
Agent and technologies DLCs
Multiplayer ability

Some Key Features

Hospital level with game world strategic options, multiple patients and advancement options.
Internal body control screen with body wide strategic and resource management options.
Large variety of battlegrounds in organs and parts of the body where tactical battles can be fought and won.
Missions and achievements system to unlock new capabilities and technologies.
Programmable intelligence and templating system to customise players battle tactics.
Player design and customisation system to allow shared community content
Multiple strategies and options at all levels of the game.
A wide variety of Agents both real and science fantasy for both sides of the battle.

Main Game Mechanics

1. Resource Management (Manual or automated), hospital and body level.
2. Strategic Planning and control.
3. Templating of tactical options and designs.
4. Tactical Real Time fighting and agent control
5. Mini-games in blood-flow and lymph systems
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