Fungi of Yuggoth is an adventure game set on the verdant and mysterious world of Yuggoth.

This beautiful but somewhat damp planet is under severe threat by Eldritch beings hell-bent on its total annihilation.

Fortunately the Cosmic entity and Outer God Yog-Sothoth has become aware of the nefarious plans of the Eldritch beings, but he is locked outside the universe and cannot intervene to stop them.

Enter the player, who having been contacted by Yog-Sothoth, must set off on a quest to save their world, an adventure that will take them through swamps, caves, forests and dungeons, present them with incredible challenges and puzzles, pit them against deadly enemies both from the fantastic planet of Yuggoth and from the dark beyond…

The aim of the game is to defeat the Eldrich beings both by preventing them entering the world and, if (and when) they do manage to breach the barrier, to fight them and force them back into the darkness.

As a neophyte Shaman though, the player is ill equipped to accomplish this and thus it is a literal race against time to power up and become the ultimate Shaman; the long prophesied ‘Darkness Whisperer’ with powers beyond anything held by a previous mortal.

How is this done? Well the world is full of mysterious places and hidden locations and who knows what Yog-Sothoth and his ilk may have left lying around in eons past.

Play is via a third person perspective where the Player controls his character and explores and interacts with various environments, objects, characters and creatures.

The world follows a linear level mixed in with forked level areas and there are major challenges at various points in order to progress including boss level creatures. The game is difficult but rewarding.

The player explores each area, harvesting collectables and in some cases eating them (mushrooms with various magical properties), finding hidden items and powering up.

With progress the player will gain the ability to change his form into a frog and other creatures with special abilities as well as acquiring various other advanced skills and capabilities. All will be needed to finally save their home.

Game Details

Game NameFungi of Yuggoth
GenreAction-adventure – Metroidvania
Game Perspective 3D Third Person
Number of PlayersOne
Game SettingThe verdant and mysterious world of Yuggoth
The game is inspired by Fungi from Yuggoth that was a sonnet sequence by supernatural horror writer H. P. Lovecraft,
Game SummaryA challenging adventure game where the player explores the landscape, caves and dungeons of the world to find hidden items and collectibles in order to increase their power and capabilities.

They must solve puzzles and fight monsters and bosses to progress.
Game ObjectivesThe aim of the game is to defeat various Eldritch beings both by preventing them entering the world and if (and when) they do by killing them or sending them back.

There will be increasingly more powerful adversaries and several paths to the final bosses making each game different.
Look and FeelHigh quality stylised high-res graphics, atmospheric and threat filled environments.
Other Graphical AspectsHidden objects/creatures and optical illusions, creating a sense of threat and requiring close attention,
Sound AspectsMusic Soundtrack
Environmental sounds including ones to promote mystery and hints on hidden elements.
Incidental music building suspense.
Fighting, Movement and Special ability sound effects.
Target PlatformsPC, Xbox, PS5
Human Interface ControlsKeyboard, Mouse, Game Controller.
Target Age Range12+
Development TechnologiesUnreal Engine Five
Advanced Development RequirementsPlot and map randomiser to make every game slightly different.
Secondary DeliverablesModular DLC system with extended achievements and areas.

Some Key Features

The game will be a challenge and if a player beats all aspect of it, it will be a real achievement.
There will however be many ways to achieve lesser but still rewarding and significant victories and build up a list of achievements.
A Unique Game assembly system ensures each game is different both in level components, bosses etc. Players will get a set of 100 elements out of 200 and be able to purchase missing ones via DLCs if they want to
There is an equally Unique environmental and character element randomiser to provide personal challenges and prevent walkthroughs solving the whole game, an object will have multiple locations it could be.
Standard character control is augmented with special abilities to change shape and posses (even monsters and the enemy). Providing many different ways to solve a problem or beat a boss.

Main Game Mechanics

1. Character control using W: Forward, A: Left, S: Back. D: Right. E: Interact/pick up. Space Bar: Jump, Ctrl: Dodge. Shift: Sprint. Left Click: Attack and Mouse Track: Look Around
2. Health, Stamina, Lifeforce and Mysticism Core stats with ability stats for encounters etc.
3. Walking, Running, Jumping, Falling, eating, Dodging, Attacking, Inventory Management
4. Third party Characters and Creatures to assist the player.
5. Morphing, spirit travel and possession abilities to change form and interface to deal with challenges.

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