AtumRa Kickstarter – Tier 7

AtumRa is a challenging game being developed by Open Mind Studios. To help finance development of the[…]

Tree Frogs Decide Kickstarter Promotion

We need YOUR help making the Kickstarter as success. Please share this and support our campaign. […]

AtumRa Kickstarter Advert

ATumRA the next gaming experience! Please Visit our Kickstarter  To help support AtumRa a great, innovative[…]

AtumRa -Tier 5 Kickstarter

AtumRa is an outstanding game being developed by Open Mind Studios. To help finance the development, we[…]

AtumRa – Tier 2 Kickstarter

Tier 2 of the AtumRa Kickstarter that is now live!!!  Follow us on social media to[…]

What’s in the box Kickstarter promotion

OMS has launched there AtumRa Kickstarter and we need YOUR help to make it a success. Please[…]

AtumRa – Tier 1 Kickstarter

AtumRa is a new Game from Open Mind Kickstarter has launched.  Please support us and share. Thank you.[…]

Super Fluffy Postal Service Kickstarter promotion

OMS are promoting our AtumRa Kickstarter, follow our social media to see this video. Please share and[…]

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